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  • bioorganic chmistry

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  • Tohoku University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of agricultural chemistry

    1983.03, Graduated

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  • Tohoku University, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture

    Doctor's Course, 1988.03, Completed

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  • , Research Assistant, 1990.01 - 1992.02

  • , Associate Professor (as old post name), 1992.10 - 2005.03

  • , Professor, 2005.04 -


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Isopentylamine is a novel defence compound induced by insect feeding in rice., Plant, cell & environment, 2020.10

    Aboshi T, Iitsuka C, Galis I, Teraishi M, Kamo M, Nishimura A, Ishihara A, Mori N, Murayama T

    Single Author

  • Changes of volatile flavor compounds of watermelon juice by heat treatment., Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry, 84(10) 2157-2159, 2020.10

    Aboshi T, Musya S, Sato H, Ohta T, Murayama T

    Single Author

  • Constituents of the Fruiting Body of Poisonous Mushroom Omphalotus japonicus(和訳中), Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 68(5) 436-442, 2020.05

    Aoki Satoki, Aboshi Takako, Shiono Yoshihito, Kimura Ken-ichi, Murata Toshihiro, Arai Daisuke, Iizuka Yoshiaki, Murayama Tetsuya

    Single Author

  • Constituents of the Fruiting Body of Poisonous Mushroom Omphalotus japonicus., Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin, 68(5) 436-442, 2020

    Aoki S, Aboshi T, Shiono Y, Kimura KI, Murata T, Arai D, Iizuka Y, Murayama T

    Single Author

  • A herbivore-induced homoterpene volatile is emitted from Basella alba leaves, BIOSCIENCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 83(11) 1989-1991, 2019.07

    Aboshi Takako, Toda Ayaka, Ashitani Tatsuya, Murayama Tetsuya

    Single Author

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