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  • Tokyo University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture

    1996.03, Graduated

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  • University of Tsukuba, Graduate School, Division of Agriculture

    Doctor's Course, 2001.03, Completed

External Career 【 display / non-display

  • RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), Contract Researcher, 2002.04 - 2002.09

  • RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), Special Postdoctoral Researcher, 2002.10 - 2005.09


Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Azolla incorporation and dual cropping influences CH4 and N2O emissions from flooded paddy ecosystems, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 66(1) 152-162, 2020.01

    Kimani Samuel Munyaka, Bimantara Putu Oki, Hattori Satoshi, Tawaraya Keitaro, Sudo Shigeto, Cheng Weiguo

    Single Author

  • Phylogenetic Diversity, Localization, and Cell Morphologies of Members of the Candidate Phylum TG3 and a Subphylum in the Phylum Fibrobacteres, Recently Discovered Bacterial Groups Dominant in Termite Guts, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 72(10) 6780-6788, 2006.10

    Yuichi Hongoh, Pinsurang Deevong, Satoshi Hattori, Tetsushi Inoue, Satoko Noda, Napavarn Noparatnaraporn, Toshiaki Kudo, Moriya Ohkuma

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Xylanibacter oryzae gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel strictly anaerobic, Gram-negative, xylanolytic bacterium isolated from rice-plant residue in flooded rice-field soil in Japan, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 56 2215-2221, 2006.09

    Atsuko Ueki, Hiroshi Akasaka, Daisuke Suzuki, Satoshi Hattori, Katsuji Ueki

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Operation of the CO Dehydrogenase/Acetyl Coenzyme A Pathway in both Acetate Oxidation and Acetate Formation by the Syntrophically Acetate-Oxidizing Bacterium Thermacetogenium phaeum , Journal of Bacteriology, 187(10) 3471-3476, 2005.05

    Satoshi Hattori, Alexander S. Galushko, Yoichi Kamagata, Bernhard Schink

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Isolation and Detection of Methanogens from the Gut of Higher Termites, Microbes and Environments, 19(3) 221-226, 2004.09

    Pinsurang Deevong, Satoshi Hattori, Akinori Yamada, Savitr Trakulnaleamsai, Moriya Ohkuma, Napavarn Noparatnaraporn, Toshiaki Kudo

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 【 display / non-display

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2020.04 - 2023.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2017.04 - 2020.03