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SAIGUSA Kazuhiko
Associate Professor
Contact information

Research Areas

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / English literature and literature in the English language

Graduating School

  • Tohoku University, Faculty of Literature

    2003.03, Graduated

Graduate School

  • Tokyo Metropolitan University, Graduate School, Division of Humanities

    Master's Course, 2006.03, Completed

  • Tohoku University, Graduate School, Division of Letters

    Doctor's Course, 2008.05, Unfinished Course

External Career

  • Tohoku University, Research Assistant, 2008.06 - 2010.03

  • Kitami Institute of Technology, Associate Professor, 2010.04 - 2014.03

Academic Society Affiliations

  • The Evelyn Waugh Society


Research Career

  • British novels in the interwar period, 2008.06 -


  • Aspects of Fiction and Reportage in Evelyn Waugh's _Waugh in Abyssinia_ and _Scoop_, 2023.03

    Kazuhiko Saigusa

    Single Author

  • Evelyn Waugh in Wonderland: A Satirical Glance and Self-Caricature in Travel Writing, Tohoku Romantic Studies, (9) 39-54, 2022.12

    SAIGUSA Kazuhiko

    Single Author

  • A Survey and Consideration of Teaching Materials Based on Literary Works Designed to Comply with the Education Ministry's 2009 Teaching Guidelines for High School English Textbooks, (18) 1-26, 2022.03

    Kazuhiko Saigusa

    Single Author

  • A Survey of Inquiry-Based Learning for English Study in Yamagata Junior High Schools Using Machine Learning (AI) Analyses, JACET 東北支部紀要, (10) 1-13, 2022.03

    Jun KANEKO, Tsuneo YAMAGUCHI, Jerry MILLER, Kazuhiko SAIGUSA

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Literary Materials in Japanese High School English Education: English and American Literature in the Textbooks for High School, (16) 35-50, 2019.03

    Kazuhiko, SAIGUSA

    Single Author

  • Travel Writing in the era of Tourism: Evelyn Waugh's Representation of Ethiopia, 149-150, 2018.09

    Kazuhiko Saigusa

    Single Author

  • A Consideration on the Use of Literary Materials in English Textbooks for Junior High School: A Retold Version of Arnold Lobel's "The Letter" Is Analysed, Bulletin of Yamagata University Humanities, 19(1) 1-16, 2018.02

    SAIGUSA, Kazuhiko

    Single Author

  • Return to "Lush Palces": Waugh's Attempt to Make a New Beginning in _Scoop_, 山形大学紀要(人文科学), 18(3) 85-100, 2016.02


    Single Author

  • The Circular World of Non-Development: Evelyn Waugh's Rendering of Bildungsroman in _Decline and Fall_, 人間科学研究, 9 17-34, 2013.03


    Single Author

  • Golding's _Pincher Martin_: Rendering of the Techniques for Satire, 試論, 44 49-71, 2008.03


    Single Author

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  • War, Literature, Representations: British and American Writers Challenged, 2015.02

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists,2019.04 - 2022.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B),2016.04 - 2018.03