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Research Areas

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Linguistics



  • Quantity-Denoting Numeral Classifier Phrases in Japanese, Proceedings of the 25th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar, 2023.08

    Akane Ohtaka

    Single Author

  • A Hybrid Analysis of Null Argument Constructions in Japanese, Proceedings of the 44th Annual Penn Linguistics Conference, 2021.07

    Akane Ohtaka

    Single Author

  • Attributive Subcomparatives in Japanese, Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, 6(1) , 2021.03

    Akane Ohtaka

    Single Author

  • Quantifier-Free Tree Transductions, Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics, 3 , 2019.12

    Shiori Ikawa, Akane Ohtaka, Adam Jardine

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • A Lacuna in Adjunct Extraposition, Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, 3 , 2017.10

    Shoichi Takahashi, Akane Ohtaka

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • On Phi-Feature "Copying", JELS, 30 , 2013.02

    Akane Ohtaka

    Single Author

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2024.04 - 2027.03


Academic Activities

  • Rutgers Linguistics Colloquium,2018.09 - 2020.05

  • 津田塾大学言語文化研究所プロジェクト英語の通時的及び共時的研究の会,2012.04 - 2016.03