Updated on 2023/05/30


NOTO Keisuke


  • 注意欠如・多動性障害患者においてアトモキセチン単剤の過剰投与によって発症したセロトニン症候群 1症例報告(Serotonin syndrome induced by overdose of atomoxetine alone in a patient with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: A case report), Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences Reports, 1(3) 1 of 3-3 of 3, 2022.09

    Sato Fumika, Suzuki Akihito, Noto Keisuke, Shirata Toshinori, Kanno Muneaki, Kobayashi Ryota, Otani Koichi

    Single Author

  • Musical Hallucinations Induced by Conventional Doses of Paroxetine., The American journal of case reports, 21 e926735, 2020.12

    Muraosa H, Suzuki A, Noto K, Otani K

    Single Author