Updated on 2023/12/11


Takamura masumi


  • Mechanical properties of carbon fiber/polypropylene composites using carboxylic-acid-modified polypropylene without and with oxazoline-containing polymer coated on carbon fiber, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 242 , 2023.09

    Yokoi, D; Takamura, M; Takahashi, T

    Single Author

  • Novel Chain-End Modification of Polymer Iodides via Reversible Complexation-Mediated Polymerization with Functionalized Radical Generation Agents, POLYMERS, 15(12) , 2023.06

    Ohtani, K; Shimizu, K; Takahashi, T; Takamura, M

    Single Author

  • Development of Electrically Conductive Thermosetting Resin Composites through Optimizing the Thermal Doping of Polyaniline and Radical Polymerization Temperature, POLYMERS, 14(18) , 2022.09

    Takahashi, K; Nagura, K; Takamura, M; Goto, T; Takahashi, T

    Single Author

  • Removal of Trithiocarbonyl End Group of RAFT-Polymerized Poly(stearyl acrylate) and Effect of the End Group on Thermal and Structural Properties, POLYMERS, 13(23) , 2021.12

    Oishi, E; Takamura, M; Takahashi, T

    Single Author