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  • Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering) / Power engineering

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  • Fukui University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering

    1975.03, Graduated

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  • Nagoya University, Graduate School, Division of Engineering

    Doctor's Course, 1981.03, Accomplished credits for doctoral program

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  • Toyohashi University of Technology, Teaching Associate, 1981.04 - 1987.09

  • Toyohashi University of Technology, Research Assistant, 1981.10 - 1987.08


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  • Corona discharge from a water droplet extruded aat a capillary electrode, 2015.04 -

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Influence of corona discharge from a wire particle located in a dc electric field on its precessional motion, 13th Asian Conference on Electrical Discharge, Sapporo, 2006.10

    Y. Higashiyama, Y. Kudo, K. Asano

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Performance of snow sliding on roof-integrated PV tiles in a snow region, Proc. of Renewable Energy 2006, Makuhari, 2006.10

    Y. Higashiyama, M.Yoshimura, T. Sugimoto, T. Obayashi, and A. Takenaka

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • DC Corona Discharge from a Wire Particle Floated with a Micro-gap in Parallel Plate Electrodes, IEEE Trans IAS, 42(4) 909-915, 2006.08

    Y. Kudo, T. Sugimoto, Y. Higashiyama

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Nanosecond High Voltage Pulse Generator Using Water Gap Switch for Compact High Power Pulsed Microwave Generator”, , Proc. of 27th International Power Modulator Conference & High Voltage Workshop , 2006.06

    Y. Minamitani, Y. Ahe, Y. Higashiyama

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

  • Corona Discharge from a Grounded Point toward an Array of Charged Rod Electrode, Proc. ESA/IEJ/IEEE-IAS Joint Conference on Electrostatics 2006, Barkeley, USA, 609-618, 2006.06

    T. Sugimoto, S. Ogata, Y. Higashiyama

    Multiple Authorship (Including Foreigners)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Behavior of Water Droplets Located on a Hydrophobic Insulating Plate under DC Field, 1998.01

    東山 禎夫, Y. Higashiyama, S. Yanase, and T. Sugimoto

Joint Research activities 【 display / non-display

  • Study on prevention of salt polution of power distribution line, 1994.04 - 2003.03, Collaboration in Japan


Academic Activity 【 display / non-display

  • 静電気学会, 2001.04 -

  • 日本雪工学会, 2000.04 -