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  • Rural environmental engineering/Planning


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  • Commitment and Network Formation of Successors in Community-based Farming ; A Case Study of Agricultural Newcomers in Yamagata Prefecture, Journal of rural planning, 39(論文特集号) , 2020.12

    Yoshiki KUWABARA, Mami MIURA, Tsuyoshi SUMITA, Yoshitaka FUJII

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Residents' Purchase Consciousness toward Processed Foods Utilizing Locally-produced Soybean; Focusing on the Difference by Urban Employment Area and Densely Inhabited District in Case of Shonai District, Yamagata Prefecture, Journal of Rural Society and Economics, 38(2) 68-77, 2020.11

    Yoshiki KUWABARA

    Single Author

  • Photosynthetic light‐use efficiency of rice leaves under fluctuating incident light, Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment, 3(1) 1-11, 2020.07

    Kenichi TATSUMI, Yoshiki KUWABARA, Takashi MOTOBAYASHI

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Monthly variability in the photosynthetic capacities, leaf mass per area and leaf nitrogen contents of rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants and their correlations, JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGY, 75(2) 111-119, 2019.04

    Tatsumi Kenichi, Kuwabara Yoshiki, Motorayashi Takashi

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Service Actual Conditions of Local Vitalization Cooperators Out-migrated Following Completion of the Service : Focus on the Relationship between Activities and Personal Networks, and the Reasons to Out-migrate, 農村計画学会誌 = Journal of rural planning, 37(0) 237-243, 2018.11

    桒原 良樹, 中島 正裕

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

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Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Research Trends and Perspectives on Projects of Supporters for Rural Regeneration, THE ASSOCIATION OF RURAL PLANNING, Journal of rural planning, 35(2) 105-110, 2016.09

    KUWABARA Yoshiki, NAKAJIMA Masahiro

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  • Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists,2019.04 - 2022.03