Updated on 2023/11/21


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Research Areas

  • Environmental Science/Agriculture Science / Rural environmental engineering and planning

  • Life Science / Ecology and environment

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Area studies

Graduate School

  • Iwate University, Graduate School, Division of Agricltural Sciences

    Doctor's Course, 2002.03, Completed

Academic Society Affiliations

  • Ecological Society of America



  • Implementation conditions in terms of the amount of load on the operator:sustainable creation of a spawning environment for masu salmon, Papers on Environmental Information Science, 34(0) 139-144, 2020

    SATO Kanae, WATANABE Kazuya

    Single Author

  • Dissolved organic matter characteristics along sabo dammed streams based on ultraviolet visible and fluorescence spectral properties, ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT, 190(3) 146, 2018.03

    Praise Susan, Ito Hiroaki, An Ying, Watanabe Kazuya, Watanabe Toru

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Consideration of Reproductive Traits of Unionid mussels by Drift distance and Transport distance, Papers on Environmental Information Science, 32(0) 131-136, 2018

    FURUKAWA Yutaka, KazuyaWATANABE Kazuya

    Single Author

  • Environmental structure conditions of irrigation canals on Unionoid mussels, Papers on Environmental Information Science, 32(0) 297-302, 2018

    KIKUCHI Tomoki, WATANABE Kazuya

    Single Author

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2017.04 - 2020.03