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OKUBO Kiyoaki
Associate Professor
Contact information
Laboratory Phone number

Research Areas

  • Film studies

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Aesthetics and art studies

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Theory of art practice

Graduate School

  • The University of Tokyo, Graduate School, Division of General Culture

    Master's Course, 2004.03, Completed

External Career

  • Yamagata University, Associate Professor, 2017.04 -

Academic Society Affiliations




  • The Music from the void : Ichiro Saito's Film Score "The Fate Theme" in Floating Clouds, directed by Mikio Naruse, (20) 41-74, 2023.03

    Kiyoaki OKUBO

    Single Author

  • 「映画における晩年性――アンドレ・バザンとフランソワ・トリュフォーの老化をめぐる議論」, 『山形大学人文社会学部研究年報』, 第17号 91-109, 2020

    大久保 清朗

    Single Author

  • The Lateness in the Cinema: Discussion on Aging between André Bazin and François Truffaut, Yamagata University Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences annual research report, (17) , 2020.03

    OKUBO Kiyoaki

    Single Author

  • The Effects of Sound in Mikio Naruse's Okuni and Gohei, Yamagata University Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences annual research report, (16) 1-43, 2019.02

    OKUBO Kiyoaki

    Single Author

  • Retrospect and Revival: On Mikio Naruse's Direction in Floating Clouds, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, (13) 85-104, 2008.11

    Single Author

  • Drama and Passion: On Yoko Mizuki's Creative Process in the Adaptation of Floating Clouds, (2) 224-244, 2008.03

    Single Author

  • Kimiko in New York, ROUGE, (10) , 2007.01

    Kiyoaki Okubo

    Single Author

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Review Papers

  • KONO Marie, <i>Merodorama/Melodrama: The Local Genre and the Paradigmatic Works in Japanese Film</i>, Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences, eizogaku, 106(106) 124-128, 2021.07

    OKUBO Kiyoaki

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B),2017.04 - 2020.03