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Research Areas

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Education

Graduating School

  • Kobe University, Faculty of Engineering

    1987.03, Graduated

Graduate School

  • University of Tsukuba, Graduate School, Division of Education

    Doctor's Course, 2002.03, Accomplished credits for doctoral program

External Career

  • Shokei University, Lecturer, 2007.10 - 2010.09

  • Shokei University, Associate Professor, 2010.10 - 2012.03


Research Career

  • Practice and Verification of the Method for Forming Moral Habits Based on Character Education, 2009.09 -

  • Development of Moral Classes Introduced Moral Affordances, 2014.04 - 2017.03


  • Task-Circulating Instruction Based on Eight Types of Objectives for Moral Education and Its Evaluation of Ego Development Stages, Bulletin of the Teacher Training Research Center, (19) 9-20, 2024.03


    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • A Proposal of Moral Class for Acquiring Moral Affordances (II): The Practice to Have a Vriety of Appropriate Prospective Awareness and its Analysis by the Modified Grounded Theory Approach, (17) 77-86, 2016.03

    Makoto Yoshida, Hiroyuki Nakagawa

    Multiple Authorship (Only Japanese)

  • Possibilities and Challenges of the Moral Education Using Tohjisha-Kenkyu as a Problem Solving Method: Comparing to the Problem-Solving Type Moral Education, Bulletin of the Teacher Training Research Center attached to the Faculty of Education, Art and Science, Yamagata University, (11) 69-78, 2016.02

    Makoto Yoshida

    Single Author

  • Moral Education from the Perspective of Moral Affordance -Possibility of Ecological Moral Education-, Moral and Education, (332) 87-98, 2014.03

    Makoto Yoshida

    Single Author

  • Proposal of a Moral Teaching Material Contrasting the Lives of Two People: Moral Class to Think How to Get Along with the Rules, Journal of Studies on Moral Education Tsukuba University, (15) 13-22, 2014.03

    Makoto Yoshida

    Single Author

  • From Education for Moral Acts to Building Community for Character Development -A Theoretical Study for Janpanese-type Character Education-, Moral and Education, (331) 146-156, 2013.03

    Makoto Yoshida

    Single Author

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Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2021.04 - 2024.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2017.04 - 2020.03

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(C),2014.04 - 2017.03,Development of Moral Classes Introduced Moral Affordances